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Not all Oven Cleaners are Equal- 6 things you can expect from a Professional Oven cleaner.

All oven cleaners offer the same service, right? Wrong! The level of service you can expect to receive from an oven cleaner varies drastically.

One of the things that we, Oven Cleaners Norfolk are most proud of is that once a client has experienced our professional service, they never want to book anyone else. Our customers know that we do a very through deep oven/Aga clean and stay until the job is done.

If you are thinking about having your oven or Aga cleaned here are the 6 things you can expect to experience as standard from Oven Cleaners Norfolk:

  1. Protective coverings used

  2. Oven, element and fan test before starting to make sure your oven is fully functioning before oven cleaning commences

  3. All removable oven parts are removed and deep cleaned. These parts include:

  4. knobs

  5. door seals

  6. fan cover and assembly

  7. grill element

  8. door

  9. door glass

  10. Oven internals are scrapped, scrubbed and degreased to remove all grease and carbon deposits. We clean every nook and cranny of your oven, not just the bits that you can see. By the time the oven is cleaned and removable parts returned you can expect to see an oven which looks like new.

  11. Retest oven to ensure it is being left in the same working condition as when we arrived.

  12. Through clean up - the only tell-tale sign that we've been in your home is the sparkly oven after a through deep clean.

As a professional oven cleaning company, it always saddens us to hear from people who have been let down or disappointed by other oven cleaning companies:

Mark, the owner of Oven Cleaners Norfolk recently received an telephone call from a potential client. They were in desperate need of an oven cleaner to come and do a professional, through job as they'd just had had their Mercury range "cleaned" by another local oven cleaner. They found this oven cleaner on Facebook and had been swayed by a slighter lower price than that of Oven Cleaners Norfolk. The oven cleaner turned up with a bucket and sponge along with some off the shelf cleaning products. When the oven cleaner left the only things that looked remotely clean were the oven shelves The client was not impressed, so called Oven Cleaners Norfolk to come and do a proper job - 5 hours later and the oven looked like new. The customer was thrilled and has rebooked Oven Cleaners Norfolk for Dec 2021.

The gallery below show the "cleaned " Range as I found it.

The pictures below show the oven now its been professionally cleaned

If you would like your oven cleaned professionally in Fakenham or across Norfolk UK follow the link

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